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A blog reboot

“Punch the keys, for God’s sake!” – I could still remember the way Sean Connery screamed that while pacing around with a glass of scotch in his hands in one of my favorite movies about inspiration and writing, Finding Forrester.

That in addition to the various writing courses I have taken online in the last couple of weeks and my constantly growing list of notes and bookmarks are the inspiration to my latest blogging reboot. As you may have noticed, this blog is once again carrying the Four-eyed Journal as its name. I’ve come full circle, so to speak, in a grand plan to meet the following goals:

  • Write consistently
  • Update this blog regularly
  • Grow my writing portfolio
  • Serve you, my dear readers, with useful finds from the internet

In concrete terms, from this day I would post a regular serving of links to interesting finds from the internet and social media laced with my commentary. It would also include pseudo personal notes about daily life. It would be posted on this blog every other day or at least five days a week.

Then from time to time, I would post an essay or a long-form and highly polished piece at least twice a month. If you are a subscriber to my weekly newsletter, Monday Mash-up, then you’d know how it will look like. Worry not though, as the juiciest bits of content would still be reserved for it.

So in the coming days, expect more fresh content although as a fair warning, the first few posts would be a bit rough around the edges as I try to get more comfortable into this new blogging routine. Hopefully, the updates would be of good use for you, my dear readers. If you have any questions or even objections to this, do let me know in the comments section below or get in touch via email. I would also love to see anything that you found online that you think is interesting, cool, funny, controversial – anything that caught your fancy.

Lastly, a sort of medium-term goal, I would publish a podcast that summarizes the week’s ‘daily dose’ that dives deeper into one or two of the links that would be mentioned. It could feature a guest as an expert or someone that I could pick brains with just to spice things up and present a different take.

Exciting times ahead and hoping you’ll stick around for the ride.

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