Unionbank’s EON for the Digital Me: Unlimited Frustration & Terrible User Experience


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  1. Mayy says:

    What a relief to know I wasn’t the only one experiencing this. I’m a longtime legacy EON user from back in the day when this was the easiest and fastest way to access Paypal funds. I actually have little use for my EON Card, only getting it occasionally to verify the card number on new online transactions. Everything else, I accessed through my account on the browser. Even when I kept receiving notifications for the shift to EMV, I still used my trusty ole browser. Only when it shut me out and I could no longer login did I finally finally apply for a new card online and haul myself over to an actual Unionbank when it was ready for pickup. Needless to say, the frustration continues. The new site does not make it easy to login (invalid login using legacy data), there does not seem to be a “new user” sign up button (I figured I’d be considered new after unsuccessful attempts to login using old inputs), I have not FASTREG code nor can I find info on where to get it, and there does not seem to be any other helpful information on their site on how to go about. Frustrating as hell. I am about ready to ditch this altogether. I’ve only maintained it for the few longtime online accounts I have on auto pay… and out of fondness of a once great product. Better to deal with the minor inconvenience of reassigning those accounts to other cards. Sheesh.

  2. Yve says:

    I am using the new EON since last year. I only ordered it from Lazada. I had no problem activating/upgrading on android app. The “Secure Lock Screen…” just popped up today so I googled it and found your blog.

    I guess it’s because I recently set up password/pattern on some apps on my phone now EON also requires screen password or pattern. I am using Oppo phone, under “Fingerprint and password” I set Lockscreen pattern password and display pattern “on”. That’s all we need to access the app. Settings vary depending on our device. ?

  3. mommylee says:

    i have been dealing with EON customer service for 2 months now about linking my physical card to my eon app account. seems like this was the first time they encountered it (but of course not). im really loosing my patience. recently ive been trying to use my ‘virtual card #’ for a purchase online, BUT it wont work. ? i just so frustrated, i have funds in my account that i cant use at all.

  4. Kevo2 says:

    Its shit…can’t buy load from the app…can’t send funds to coins.ph…didn’t work for online purchase…totally useless. They are fast at charging you the annual fee though.

  5. Mars says:

    I can’t make any withdrawals, I can’t add the card to Gcash, I can’t send funds to coins.ph, I can’t pay my bills on both Eon and Unionbank App. I have money on my account that I can’t even use!

  6. Harvey says:

    When cashing in http://www.eonbankph.com:
    Ooops! There was an error processing your request.
    Please check the details you have entered and try again.

    Bullshit. Did that already many times.

  7. Liezl Beticon says:

    Been stressed with this EON for Digital me thing. I have received a transfer from my client last last week through Transferwise and until now it wasn’t reflecting on my account. Customer Representatives does not even have a consistent answer about my issue. They also told me that they did not received anything from Transferwise. Haha. Pisses me off so much, the phone number on their support isn’t even working. The whole idea of being Digital is a crap.

  8. Steve says:

    I find the EON app not flexible as it is, registration sucks as well as its i. Ifinterfaceyou have an EON Cyber card, better use the UnionBank app rather than the previous one. I usually withdraw my money from PayPal 1-2 days to my EON Cyber account.

  9. JoeVie says:

    OMG..i thought Im the only one having this problem. I have a similar one. my eon main card was connected to my paypal account but when i changed to the new card the debit card is not accepted on paypal. Until now, even when I have balance on my account it is still cant be use for any online transactions which needs me to pay through debit card. it always say error and card not accepted. I have emailed, called and whatever customer service for unionbank and 3 months still not accepted..so frustrating..

  10. Anne M. says:

    Wow upon reading this i wanna deactivate my account. I just tried setting up an account through the app to test it but i want out. How can i deactivate my starter account? Will they charge me the monthly fee? I haven’t put any money in it

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