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Farewell Google Podcasts, it’s been fun

It feels like the time when Google Reader was discontinued in 2013. While other podcast apps may have more features, Google Podcasts had everything I needed – a clean UI, it readily shows the recent episodes from my subscriptions – which for me, is the most important one.

Come June 23, 2024, Google Podcasts will cease to function and on July 29, 2024, users would no longer be able to migrate or export their subscriptions. I have already imported my subscriptions into YouTube Music to see how it fares as a podcast app. Somehow, something feels not right or maybe it’s because I’ve never really used YouTube Music before and had been forced to, because it’s going to replace Google Podcasts.

With Google’s promise that it will ‘increase investment in the podcast experience in YouTube Music’, I’ll give it a try. Although, I’m keeping the door open for other podcast apps out there.

Episode 1 – Spiders can hear, social distancing bats, scary movies & a tribute to Sir Sean Connery

Featured on this episode:

Spiders that can detect sound waves

Ogre-faced spiders have organs in their legs that are sensitive to sound which they use to hunt prey

Social distancing vampire bats

Vampire bats social distance when they are sick which helps prevent the spread of diseases to other bats

What makes a horror movie scary

There are 7 elements that make a horror movie. A combination of these elements or a masterful use of one is what defines a horror classic.