Problems with GCash? You’ll need a lot of patience

Since November last year, I’ve been using GCash whenever possible – paying bills, online and even daily purchases. It’s been a great experience as the service has been reliable and convenient. Until last Friday, March 1.

I needed to pay for my PLDT bill and the idea of cashing in at 7-Eleven came to mind. At first I tried to use the Gcash app to generate a code but it failed and so I decided to use the CLiQQ stand instead. Walked up to the kiosk, generated a receipt, queued up at the counter, handed over the cash and walked out the 7-eleven store after taking the receipt.

An hour has passed and already done with buying the things I needed to cook dinner, I checked my Gcash balance and my cash in has not yet been credited to my wallet. No confirmation SMS that the transaction was successful.

Calmly, I searched for Gcash’s Customer Support hotline when I got home. Made 4 calls to 2882 yet all I got was a pre-recorded message saying that there is no one available to assist and that a call back was scheduled instead.

That’s when I started to get really worried. It seems that Globe’s customer service has not improved that much. Not enough representatives to answer customer calls and responses took longer than what is reasonable. Even the GCash Care on Messenger took hours to get any real reply. Emails to was even worse with nothing more than canned responses acknowledging my first email.

Then the callback from 2882 finally came – Saturday evening, a full 24 hours after I first reported my concern. They advised of the following:

GCash Care took more than 24 hours to take action on my concern.

The transaction failed on 7-Eleven’s side – there seems to be an issue with their ‘connection’ to GCash that cashing in is still unavailable.

Bring the receipt with me and ask for a refund. However, this needed to be worked on by 7-Eleven customer service which took another day.

Finally, after 3 days, I was able to get the refund from 7-Eleven. So much for trying the ‘convenience’ of reloading GCash via 7-Eleven stores.

Lessons learned:

  • Always keep the receipt – it’s proof of your transaction
  • GCash transactions generate SMS confirmation/alerts within minutes. If no SMS comes in, then it’s most likely that something went wrong with your transaction.
  • Have patience. Tons of it. Dealing with GCash customer support will definitely take a lot of time and if you have an urgent need for the money or the transaction, it will really cause a lot of stress.

It will also help move things along if you contact the customer support of the other organization involved in the GCash transaction, in my case 7-eleven. This experience has left me with the feeling that GCash has real limits contrary to what their marketing team says: things could easily go wrong any time. Despite the modern tools and services we have today, integration and synergy between separate digital services is still a work in progress.

How’s your GCash experience so far? If you’d had similar or worse issue, feel free to share in the comments below.


The author is not connected in any way to Globe, Inc, Mynt or GCash.

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    1. GCash doesn’t have live customer support – you’re just limited to email support or Facebook page. It takes them 1 day to respond.

      1. I have encountered same issue last Sunday but until now they haven’t give me any useful update. I am being impatient because they are giving same canned message in all of their support channels. I haven’t tried contacting 7-eleven customer support, since they haven’t advice it to me.

      2. Hi having a hard time applying for gscore credit… Prior to my previous cash out an in transactions everytime i attempted to insert my email confirmation code its always There seems to be a problem pls try again later ( VSF2-500 ). At the same time havent yet received points for spin to win

      3. I encountered another problem. I changed the registered sim becoz i lost., but till now i cant recover my account. They sending verification code but upon sending they replied same thing…PLEASE LOGIN AFTER 24 HRS. I have savings in CIMB and my account link to BDO. Natatakot ako bka nakawin ang mga savings ko. Kaya payo ko huwag nlang kayo gagamit ng GCASH. Maraming kababalaghan na nangyayare. Delikado na application ito GCASH

      4. Anyone have the same problem with purchasing online using gcash? I’m replying with my correct MPIN to the SMS sent by merchant/dragonpay but then my service provider sends an automatic message stating that I entered an incorrect input.

  1. June 1, 2019 I had a Paypal to Gcash transaction. I called support several times. I even asked for a supervisor who promised me the moon and a callback – nothing. I went to a Globe store in a mall who also emailed “back end support” and another callback promise – nothing. Some people at work said they resolved their issue by emailing so I did. I got blocked for commenting on their FB Page (both Gcash and Globe). I tweeted about my experience. What worked? Since I found out that call center support can see the FB Chats where I sent screenshots of Paypal Confirmation of the transaction … I sent them a screenshot of an email reply to me from NTC (National Telecommunications Commission) and BSP (Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas). Within a minute someone replied to FB Chat with – “I’m sorry for the delay what is your paypal email?”. Not even 5 minutes and it has been refunded to my paypal. I tried to use gcash again but not the whole amount just 1k and it pushed through. I think they cannot process BIG AMOUNTS…. I’m never using GCASH, I also called PAYPAL to file a complaint and get them removed as a partner. I still want NTC and BSP to stop their operations. Their facilities cannot handle simple transactions. Please call Paypal Customer Service and file the same complaint +1-402-935-2050. Tell the IVR you want a customer service representative. Then email and send screenshots of the transaction as well as (They are the governing bodies that handle GCASH)

    1. what is the message you send? so i can send those message to the ntc group. i have no idea what to send to them, i need help. ur reply is very helpful to me.

    2. This worked like a charm! GCash left me hanging for more than 72hours. an hour after sending email to BSP and NTC, they credited my cash in through BPI. Kailangan sindakin pa. Sana kasi hnd by email ang CS nila para mabilis ang aksyon.

      1. what did you do po,, please help.. kasi i cashed in last July 10, 2019 amounting to 2,400 and did not received in or credited on my gcash wallet unltil now. i reported already to them but untill now no answers. email response are repeatedly done. like sending the details of concerns. no resolution on my issue until now…

        please help me where i can complaint so that they will take action as soon as possble.. i paid penalites on my due bills because of them,.


      2. Just wondering how did this happen in details?

        Did you just send emails to BSP and NTC without letting Gcash know?

      3. Ginaya kita, emailed my concern to BSP and NTC cc:support@gcash, in less than an hour got an SMS from 2882 saying my wallet has been adjusted.

    3. I lose 30,000 pesos today by using Gcash, I cashed in from my BPI account and used Gcash to transfer the money to a BDO account, I haven’t received any sms notification that the money transferred has been processed but I was deducted 30,000. But the money is not reflected in the BDO bank account. I badly need the money 😢.

        1. I have phoned them several times in a span of 10 days. Some agents are not even aware of holidays and weekends counting exclusion for their turn around time (TAT). Gee! So frustrated and disappointed here. I have even advised the agent that GCash should not just inform us the users to know benefits of using the application. They should also include the risks that things may go wrong too. And that’s what we call clear transparency. Customer service needs synchronization from hotline to emails, FB messenger, twitter and other platforms we customers may try to use in case things go south, like in my case. Unfortunately, kahit ngayon ganun pa din ang status ng issue sa account ko. Wake up GCash! You just lose a loyal customer here. Never ever again.

      1. Mine also i got transfer 6k yesterday to bpi and not recive any email and sms and i send a ticket yesterday still no respond

        1. So what are the email addresses for BSP and NTC? Para makapagfile rin ako ng complaint. I lost 20,000 cash in from BPI to GCash earlier. Nanggigigil ako.

    4. The information above of GCASH TRASH has been very helpful. I lost my 7,900 after making a request to send to bank via a saved account info on my GCash app. Did not get the usual sms notification but got my balance debited. When I checked balance on my BDO nothing showed up. So I was alarmed. I emailed GCash support but they only responded with a time stamp transaction (that only reflected on their end initially as my transaction history was not updating) confirming the withdrawal happened with their system. So I questioned support as to what account the money went to but got no immediate response. So I researched online as 2882 was only giving me recordings & no live support. Upon reading the above article I emailed and of the details & in less than an hour my money was returned back to my GCash balance through an sms notification. Thanks for saving me a long wait. It is highly critical to know who to contact in this kind of situations, resolution is quickly achieved.

    5. I followed your advice and it works. 2 – 3hrs after I emailed the NTC my money is back to my paypal account. Thank you Sir/Mam sa advice.

    6. I have a failed transation for my pagibig fund worth 1200. It’s been a month now and I called their 2882 hotline and emailed them a number of times already. Their system must be confused for giving me a lot of tickets already. This is so incovenient. 🤦‍♀

    7. 5000 was debitted from my metrobank as I cashed in this morning. No money credited to my gcash. Meron po ba dito naibalik yung money nila? Badly need that amount..

  2. Call the number on your receipt. It happened to me 1 time. Pambayad ko pa sa credit card and due date ko na. Wala rin magawa ung staff ng 7 11. Ayaw dn naman nila irefund. Ang tinawagan ko ung partner nila sa kiosk. May hotline number sila sa resibo. Vinerify lng nila if hindi tlga nagsuccessful ung transaction and den seconds sa lang nareceive ko na agad.

  3. My debit card is linked to my gcash account. I cashed in and since last night it has not still reflected on my gcash account. At this point in time, I am still waiting for them to credit me of the amount. I was very happy with all the service features until this happened. Very inconvenient. Customer service is NOT 24/7. Fb messenger and email channels are not timely (hours or waiting) and some reps do not understand the issue. Gcash has become buggy. They basically are holding my money and can’t use it.
    LESSON: 1.) Use the same bank to remit and receive the money instead.
    2.) Manage your expectations and have a contigency plan in case the same happens to you. Even banks with a higher review rating experience such glitches, delays, bugs, and disputes. No matter how many times your previous transactions went okay.
    3.) Like what the author wrote on this blog, keep all your receipts/records. They’re your proof of transactions.
    4.) Keep it calm and follow all what the blogger says here.

    1. Does your problem already solve ? I have the same problem. Yesterday around 10am I cashed in until now June 6, 2019 1:18pm still not reflected on my gcash account, it’s already 24Hours since the transaction was made..

      1. I contacted gcash by dialing 2882 I spoke with a rep and told me these:
        1. the money is possibly floating on aggregator’s system (which is the bancnet as per the gcash CSR)
        2. I was then advised to report it to my bank which I did thru a dispute form I filled out for the bank, Gcash also escalated my concern as back up resolution and was told it can take 3-5 business days. In my understanding, they’ll contact BDO and bancnet. I contacting the bank myself may hasten up in resolving my concern.
        3. I then contacted BDO sending all the screenshots, details and proof of the transaction. Bank’s reply:
        a. payment posting can take 3 to 5 days (how come in all precious cash-ins, it was instantaneous, I can use the money right away, it would reflect on my Gcash in seconds)
        b. Bank advised me to verify the issue with GCash and if no credit went through my Gcash account, contact my bank back in 3 to 5 business days.
        c. they emphasized they are not affiliated with Gcash. (but my speculation is that are they now deferring the transaction because Gcash may be taking over most of the transactions when Gcash service features were not as available and as good as now and Gcash probably earns more and now offers savings account, , remittances, Gcredit, bills payments, loading, and many other payment options? Is Gcash becoming a threat to the banks? Just my theory, they may be doing it on purpose so bank account holders would stick to their bank’s sole system)

        I plan on calling my bank tomorrow to clarify things out.

        1. What options did you choose para makausap ang customer rep??? I already tried all the options in 2882 but never gave me the option to call a customer rep.

          1. I do not remember exactly but do call during office hours. Just choose the selection closest to your concern. I think it redirects to a live agent when there’s one available to speak with. I think I chose ATM withdrawal concerns.


            My issue has been resolved. Finallyi, they credited my account in 2 days. It helped when I contacted my bank and Gcash.

            I still have to think a lot if it is worth the risk going through the possible hassle when doing cash-in via debit card.

          2. Hello @Paul N. Labordo. I tried calling the phone number that you provided, however, i kept on getting pre-recorded messages. There is no option to have a representative to get in touch with with all the hotlines they have. I always try to call them in business hours.

          3. What I usually do to get thru GCash CS (2882) is contact Globe CS (211) select option 3 for other concerns then press 3 to report a signal or other network related problem. Wait for the voice prompt to finish and press 2 then press 1 if you would like speak to a customer service representative. You can request to be transferred to the relevant department and good luck with the queue.

        2. Thank you for this. I have almost the same experience and BDO is also my bank. Good to know that you got your money back. I’ve already contacted BDO and I hope my issue will be resolved as well. Cashing in via debit card and then transferring the amount to another bank for no fee is extremely convenient in theory, but this experience has proven that this convenience comes at the cost of your peace of mind. Lesson learned!

          1. Update: The amount has been credited to my GCash account and I’ve successfully transferred it to another bank.

            BDO customer support replied within 24 hours, as usual, and asked me to fill out a dispute form, but this was unnecessary as the issue has already been resolved.

            GCash customer support has finally replied, but once again they’re merely asking for information such as the card number, date and time of transaction, etc., which I’ve already provided in a previous email. Their system is highly inefficient.

            So it seems that Del’s info is right—payment posting can take several business days if you cash in from a debit card even if GCash says it’s posted in real time. But for anyone reading this, I’d advise cashing in from your card during business hours; your money MIGHT have a better chance of going through to your GCash account by doing so.

      2. Same experience here. I cash in thru my BPI account last june 27 at 11pm. That time gcash is having a problem i cant buy load either so i thought that the transaction i made thru BPI was not done. But surprisingly that when i checked my BPI account it was deducted and i checked on my email BPI send a confirmation that they transferred the amount to my gcash acount. But until now it waa not reflected on my gcash acount😭
        Do i still have the chance that the amount i cash in will reflect to my account???really hard to reach their customer service. Been done calling 2882 and even pm them in the messenger😓

    2. Please help me. I’m having the same problem. I worry that it will take a lot of time if I contact the bank because my bank is Landbank of the Phil. I tried emailing gcash but no response yet. Huhu

      1. Same thing happend to me and same bank. Ive been trying to call their.hotline but its all prerecorded messages.

    3. It happened to me last night. I cant get a hold of them. I’m trying to call theie number but no avail. Did they give your money back? If yes, how long will it take? Thank you.

    4. were you able to get the money you transferred to your gcash account? pls advise. coz I have just transferred my funds from paypal to gcash and same as yours,unluckily have not reflected into my gcash account.. pls help..

    5. I just made a cash in transaction this morning. . Deducted na siya sa debit ko, but di pa rin nag rereflect sa GCash balance ko Ang pera, . I sent email to supportgcash but still autoreply Lang. .huhu . . Magiging okay oa Kaya?? 😭😭

  4. hi.. can you help me? im trying to call gcash since 1pm, i make a bank transfer to one of their accredited bank around 11, and the thing is first time i dont receive any confirmation in my email and thru sms. and the receiver bank also dont receive the money i sent. but it is already deducted to my gcash wallet. after several trial of calling and messaging them no answer yet. i dont want to waste some more time. pambayad ksi sa due ng kotse ung pera. anybody here na mkatulong sakin pano gagawin. thanks po..

    1. I have the same issue. Was your problem solved already? I just had issues yesterday. I tried contacting gcash cares but referred me back to my bank.

        1. yung cimb bank po.kinontak ko tinawagan ko customer service nila sumasagot naman agad, but gcash no.. as promised my concern naman daw will be resolve on or b4 8pm.. hoping.

  5. I do have issues with Gcash, but it’s a different one. I cashed in money via BPI, suddenly sms notifications advised “Sorry, you have reached your maximum wallet limit”. Now, it wasn’t credited to my Gcash wallet, therefore my money is held somewhere i don’t know!! Called their hotline and received same shit of template words to say. I just find it hard to believe that they do not have any alerts or warnings beforehand saying you have reached the maximum transaction limit so you can avoid transferring money already. They don’t even let you know when it will be reset! UGH

    1. Hi. May I know if the problem has been resolved? I am experiencing the same issue since June 14.

    2. Hello, I have same issue last night but BPI emailed me the confirmation of fund transfer to GCASH but it wasn’t reflected on my acc until now. 😭😭😭

  6. Just got the same problem today. I cant cash out using gcash card kahit saang atm. Contact your bank daw e e ang hirap higalapin ng customer support nila

  7. Mine I encountered an error on the Visa page when I tried to do bank transfer. Now I can’t do bank transfer, says I need to wait for the last transaction to finish first. Eh nag-error nga yon eh :/

    1. same thing happened. I just uninstalled and installed the app. I made sure that all access permissions of Gcash app are granted then it resolved it.

      1. I cannot access my GCash. I requested for a new code and the result “Resending of authentication code Successful”. But NO CODE was received even after requesting to resend the code. I uninstalled the apps and reinstalled again. After entering the phone number, Authentication says, “Great we sent a 6-digit authentication code to your number. But as before, NO CODE was received even after request to resend the code. Please reply.

  8. my wallet balance on gcash has been deducted but I haven’t received the load, what should I do?

  9. I entered wrong bank details i input ucpb savings instead of ucpb only, my account was deducted but no confirmation. It is possible to be refund or they return the amount?

    1. Hi! Was Gcash able to return your money? It happened to me as well. I didn’t know they were different.

  10. I also have issues with gcash customer care Nagtry lang ako maggcash lately and I want to experience the investing and gsave option.
    To unlock the invest and gsave option your account should be fully verified so I’ve sent my picture, id’s etc. After 1 business day I think my account got fully verified and I was really happy to experience the investing option.after several days I wanted to try the Gsave option but for some reason the app or gcash wont let me use the gsave option the error says I need to update my profile so I tried to update it but you will only see that I can no longer update my account the error says update in progress and its been 2 months my problem is still the same I already called email chat Gcash customer service I also contacted CIMB bank as gcash customer service rerouted me to the bank which is the problem is the application. I’m thinking that a normal customer service wont be able to assist me by my next day I will try to call them and ask for a supervisor I wish that the problem will be fix.

    1. I have the same issue. I was already fully verified when I got a text that my Semi-verification will be expiring soon. Tried the verification process and app shows Update in Progress. Status remained the same for several weeks. I then decided to reached out to GCash care, no response from their messenger acct. Called hotlined, was advised to contact GCash Care fb acct. That’s when I finally snapped and told then that no one bothers to answer inquiries sent thru GCash Care messenger. The rep provided 2gcash rep accts: Elen GCash and Vless GCash. Performed verification with Elen, had a video call. I was told that my account was already fully verified, even got a confirmation text message. but when I checked the app, it still shows upgrade in progress.
      Issue started around March or April. What a waste of time.
      It’s disappointing how they can easily verify nonGlobe subscribers when they cant even fix this issue that a long time Globe Postpaid customer is having

  11. HOW, you may ask, can someone be duped by a legit, official, GCASH SMS?

    Got an SMS from GCash June 21, 2019 at 9:07AM informing me that I’ve been selected to get Php100 cashback from GCash and all I have to do is to just shop on Lazada that day for any item worth Php100 or more and pay with my GCash (those were the only terms and conditions stated in the SMS… nothing more…) The SMS also mentioned that the cashback will be given 1 day after the transaction. The SMS even ended with “Congratulations!”

    I called their 2882 customer service to check if the message I got was legit. WAITED FOR MORE THAN 40 MINUTES! EITHER THEY ONLY HAVE A HANDFUL OF CUSTOMER SERVICE FOLKS OR THEY’RE BEING DELUGED BY CALLS FROM COMPLAINING CUSTOMERS. I”m guessing both…

    A guy named Gerald or Gerard confirmed the SMS was legit and I could just go ahead and purchase from Lazada. It’s just what I did. I purchased an item from Lazada well over Php100. Got my item delivered last Sunday, June 23, 2014.

    Well, again you may ask, did I get the Php100 cashback promised by GCash via their effin “legit” SMS? The answer is a big, fat NO. Didn’t get it 1 day after the transaction as GCash had promised, didn’t get it yesterday, heck, I didn’t get anything from them at all.

    So I called up 2882 again (THIS TIME I WAITED FOR AN EFFIN’ 1 HOUR AND 15 MINUTES!) I was able to talk to a CS agent named Jessa and she tried the best she could explaining the promo to me. She presented her side and I presented mine, and never the twain shall meet.

    She was telling me about some other promo that Lazada has with GCash, which I swear to God is not even close to the SMS promo I received. Mine was a one-off promo. I was “SELECTED” for that particular day.

    I was as coherent as I can be explaining everything, but as always, they never seem to get the point.

    It’s better talking to your dog. You’ll get a more positive response.

  12. I am a Gcash user for a month now and I encountered my 1st issue yesterday. I was trying to pay my biller – SKY CABLE and it failed because I got an error message that I should try it again later, so I thought maybe Gcash is down that moment, so I went back to home and my available balance went down BIG TIME. Not only the amount that I was trying to pay, its more than that. I didn’t receive any SMS/Email confirmation. My due date is also yesterday and I am worried that my services will be cut off if I am past due, and if ever it didn’t go thru, when can I get my money back? I tried contacting Gcash Customer Care thru messenger and all I got is their automated message – getting an information which I already provided. Can someone help please?

  13. my issue is i applied for their gcash mastercard last Febraury and they deducted 150 on my gcash balance and ask for 10 bussines daya delivery . and until now there is no delivery! i contaxted then many timed through their chat but it seems it is only a automated or syayem generated !!!!! and now asking me again to pay for another 150 ???? so what happen on my previous payment ???? seriously ??????

  14. Hi. I just wanna ask for your suggestions on what to do po regarding this situation:
    I cashed in from Paypal to Gcash po last Wednesday, and then hindi nag go through yung transaction. Wala sa Gcash yung money and wala na din sa Paypal. In short, na hold yung fund ko either by Paypal or GCash.(Nangyari na ‘to sakin before but usually, 2-3 working days lang nasa akin na ulit yung money ko). What I did is, I called GCash’s hotline and filed a dispute case on Paypal as well kasi yung naman yung palagi kong ginagawa when this happens, but this time, pinagpasahan nila ako and then wala silang maibigay na resolution or explanation lang man kung bakit hindi nila maisauli yung money ko. Sometimes, GCash phone support would put me on hold for 1-2 hours but still no resolution is provided by the end of the call. By the way, I exhausted all of the options to contact them, Paypal message and email, GCash Chat Support, GCash Phone Support and GCash Email Support, pero hindi sila makapag reply agad. Then I received an email from GCash stating that I should close my claim/case filed on Paypal so that my funds will be auto-refunded. I did that, too. I followed their instructions but still wala pa din. Nada. I called GCash to inform them na nagawa ko na ang instructions nila pero hanggang ngayon, my money is still on hold pa din. I asked for their supervisor pero hindi ako kinausap, na put on hold ako ulit for 2 hours then they ended the call. It is frustrating and exhausting.
    If you have had the same experience, ano po ang ginawa ninyo para mareturn nila ang money ninyo?
    Please help me po kung ano pa ang dapat kong gawin.
    By the way, thank you po admin for allowing me to share my experience po.

    GCash PayPal Paypal Ano na ang update?

    1. Seems like you need to follow up with PayPal since GCash is only the receiving entity for this transaction. It’s been years since I last used PayPal so I’m not familiar with their customer support procedures for customers in the Philippines.

  15. Hello po. Can u help me po kong paano ko po marefund o mailipat sa ibang gcash number yung na cash in ko po through 711. Kasi mali po ako ng number na nasendan. Ecpay support reply to my message na i should call gcash kasi transaction successful daw po. But ive been calling gcash pero naka onhold lang ako tapos i message gcasg care on messenger and sabi nila wait lang daw ako sa respond nila.
    And i called the number na nailagay ko and incorrect yung number. Hindi ko alam gagawin.

    Help me po paano gagawin ko to refund o mailipat sa ibang number yung na cashin ko. Please salamat. Godbless.

    1. Seems that you need to follow up with GCash customer support. Tyagain mo lang yung hotline or kapag binigay yung option na sila ang tatawag sa iyo. GCash na lang talaga ang makakatulong sa iyo.

  16. Hi my problem in my gcash i didn’t receive Sms Verification / 6 digit authentication code..I can’t open my gcash apps because i did not receive Sms Code i already do it many times Resending only but i didn’t received any text form gcsh.Same the transaction money send to my gcash # i didn’t received sms also.. what should i do? I can’t open my gcash number..

  17. Hi my problem in my gcash i didn’t receive Sms Verification / 6 digit authentication code..I can’t open my gcash apps because i did not receive Sms Code i already do it many times Resending only but i didn’t received any text form gcsh.Same the transaction money send to my gcash # i didn’t received sms also.. what should i do? I can’t open my gcash number..

  18. I have the same issue as most people here. I used my atm to cash in 3k to pay meralco bill. The money was deducted immediately but never credited to my gcash account. After 3 days still getting automated response asking for the same information.

  19. This is so frustrating! Last night I tried to subscribe to an iflix subscription (monthly option) but I have tried numerous times and it only kept rejecting all my attempts to subscribe. Their advice was to try subscribing using Google Chrome, which I did but it still denies. I tried through the app, also denied. I used the card on another transaction (in another streaming app) and it went through successfully.

    I just.. ugh, so frustrating. I used the same exact details in the other streaming app and it pushed through literally less than 5 minutes. Why won’t it work with Gcash? From 6pm to midnight wala talaga. Ayaw ng netflix ng paying customer? Edi wag. -___-

  20. Just call the hotline of ec pay in your receipt if you cash in via cliqq app. In my case meron dw connection failure si 711 thats why di nacomplete ung transaction. Anyway the customer service rep was very nice. Kudos!

  21. Guys kindly help me, i tried to cash in from paypal to gcash, it was deducted to my paypal account but it’s not appeared in my gcash balance,tried to email gcash, no reply,tried to call their hotline, no response from representative.6800 is very hard to earn as a freelancer.

    1. I’m having the same issue. I used to pay my electic bills via gcash. But now, it keeps saying invalid account when I am 100% sure it is the correct account. I tried calling 2882 but the CSRs don’t seem knowledgeable with these kind of issues. They just keep on asking the same info over and over again until I got tired typing the same thing. Gcash was never like this before. But this year after series of updates and maintenance activities, it has successfully made itself the worst virtual wallet. What a waste!

  22. Please help me Last July 15, 2019, I cash in my money from my bdo account to gcash account, the amount is PHP 15,500, my plan was to transfer the money to my PSBank account since I will use the said amount to pay my car monthly mortgage but unfortunately when I transfer the money to my PS Bank account, the money was not credited but it is already deducted to my gcash account.

    1. was your issue resolved? same thing happened to me.. it has been 3 days and the money has not reflected yet..

      1. Is your problem already solve? Mine is i was trying to cash in to my gcash acct thru my debit card acct, i was debited from my debit card but no money credited to my gcash. Its been a freaking week but no one as in no one is reaching me out even though i emailed or chat them several times na.. 😩

  23. July 17, 2019 – I’m a Paymaya user for years now and when I tried Gcash I thought its better with more options like bank transfer, more bill merchants, etc. Until I experienced their customer support.
    I purchased a mastercard from their website and paid 150 for it. When I tried linking the card through the app, it said there’s an error. Also found out through google that I can activate and link the card via #143*. Did the procedures.. I still got the error message and now it also says card is already linked.
    So, I sent a message to Gcash through FB Messenger and told them what I did and what happened. They asked for my name, mobile and email so they can better assist me daw with my concern. After giving them the required info, I was given the ticket number blah blah blah. A day has passed and the answer they gave me was about the steps on how to activate the card via #143* and its still not possible to see the mastercard in the app as it is still in development.
    I got pissed with the response. It’s like they are not fully reading and understanding my concern. So I replied and asked politely for somebody to check if the card is really linked.
    Then another ticket number was sent blah blah blah.. FIVE DAYS passed when I got a reply. Now they gave basic troubleshooting steps (which didn’t work for me) and told me to send screenshots if there are still issues.
    There is only one step I wasn’t able to do. It’s when they advised me to clear cache and app data from Gcash app settings. This is when I told them I am using an iphone and I don’t see any options in the Settings where I can remove cache and app data. Still, I sent them screenshot of the error via #143* and gcash app.
    After a few hours, the response I got was : As of the moment, it is still not yet possible to see the Gcash Mastercard on the app blah blah blah. And my patience flew high and far out of the roof.
    Have about you guys? Do you have the same issue? Where else can I report this? Can I report this to NTC? 2882 is pre-recorded. Their email support seems inactive as I didn’t get any response from them.
    So far, I didn’t encounter any problems with cash in and paying bills. Now I know better — to stick with paymaya. Their support can sometimes be late but what better than this.

  24. july 17, 2019 first time to pay using gcash for the renewal of dti….i am not happy. after trying more than ten times, transaction cannot proceed. invalid MPIN but in fact i am shure that my MPIN is correct. at first the transaction amount have been deducted to the wallet and after 5minutes it will be credit back to the wallet.. Hayssss..

  25. I got the same issue on July 16, cashed in from unionbank account. First attempt was 4,000 it went thru but got a message that I have reached my wallet limit, so I lowered it to 3,000 it went thru but again got a message that I have reached my limit. I logged out my gcash and login to my unionbank acct only to find out that 7,000 was debited 😦 I am so upset until now bec i cannot reach gcash customer service. I have emailed their support almost every hour just to kulit them, messaged them on messenger on gcash care.. I also tried the *143# – gcash option but it will just give 2 options more on ATM branch / withdrawal. .tried the 2882 doesnt have an option to speak with rep just options that will not help the issue.. I am so sad and upset because that is a big amount of money and no one from gcash is helping me out 😦 I will try the NTC – BSP email later..

    Thank you for this blog..

  26. Very frustrating, having similar issue now. I cash-in, it was deducted from my savings account but nothing was credited to my GCash wallet!
    No response from GCash support channels!

  27. have you guys ever tried CIMB bank ? is it as bad as GCash from what i have read from here im no longer interested doing GCash :/

    1. hi, i make transaction with cimb bank what happened is that the amount that i withdraw did not reflect to my gcash acct.. so bad

  28. May problem that i incounter on gcash,is when i cash in on 7 eleven , when i received the notification message i received 5 196.08 only instead of 5 300.00….

    1. Same.. i cash-in’ed 10k from 7eleven and only received 9803.92 😥 any update with your case @ridilyn?

      1. there’s 2% charge if you cash in at 711 on any amount 5k up. I received the announcement about a month ago.

  29. I’m doing some cash in on-app via online banking when I got 3 consecutive SMS that I entered incorrect MPIN… While SIGNED IN! So my account got locked and can’t reach support. Can the bank credit back the money instead? GCASH is taking too long to respond. So frustrating, never had a problem before but the first time I transfer 5-digit this happened.

    1. UPDATE: Went to Globe Center on the following day. By July 27, 2882 sent a temporary MPIN to access my account. I immediately transferred all funds. Good thing cos when I tried to change MPIN, another problem occur, now I can’t access gcash again. Won’t bother reporting now since I’m not planning on using it again. 🙄

  30. Why my Gcash Card is blocked or not active even my Gcash app please help how can I fix this kind of issue. Thanks

  31. GCASH debited the amount I was trying to cash-in from my BPI account twice but only credited it once on my GCASH wallet! Now I lost 5k from this transaction. This is very frustrating to say the least!

  32. Paying my Meralco BIlls with Gcash using Gcredit for the First time was very Suck! Gcash deducted twice on my Gcredit, it was supposed to be 1339, but when I check my transaction the transaction was doubled, and i received only 1 receipt, Id email already Gcash but I this that was a bot?

  33. Hi guys,

    I purchased meralco kuryente load using the gcash app but it didn’t reflect in our meralco account. The money was debited immediately. I called their customer service, they advised me to wait for at least 3 to 5 business days to reflect in our meralco account. It’s been 3 days now but i still didn’t receive it. Does anyone here experienced it too? I will update this as soon as they fix it. Thanks

  34. hi may same case ba dito sakin nagwithdraw from gsave going to gcash but turns out hindi nagreflect yung winidraw ko sa gcash acct. ko, masama pa nabawasan yung money ko from gsave, question what happen? where did the money go? hope someone can make some advise to me here 😥 Thank you
    #help #firstTIMEuser #MAYBEtheLAST

      1. I have been sending email to them but no respoonse. Tried 2882 and 2139999 but I can’t talk to anyone on these numbers. Can anyone help me please?

  35. Same issue here. Cashed in from my BDO debit MC on Friday, 8/16. My BDO shows it’s been debited but Gcash is still not showing the cash in until today. Hotline is useless. It’s all automated IVR. Gcash messenger is all chat bot. You cannot type anything or chat with a real person. I emailed them on Friday evening. They responded and will work on resolving it but no follow up email after. I just emailed BSP and NTC cc’ing them today. I also tweeted Gcash and Globe without any response. I sent them a screenshot of my email via DM. This is a pain in the ass. This will be my last transaction as soon as I get my money back. I will deactivate my Gcash.

  36. Same issue here. Cashed in via my BDO debit MC on Friday. Until today, I don’t see it on my Gcash but BDO shows it’s been debited. I reported it on Friday evening through a ticket in the app. They responded in email that they will work on resolving it but no follow up email. I tried their hotline but it’s all IVR. I tried Gcash messenger but it’s all chat bot. You can’t chat with a real person. I tweeted them. I just emailed BSP & NTC and DM’d a screenshot of my email. Let’s see! This will be my last transaction. Will never use Gcasg again as soon as I get my money back!

    1. Same here, will never use GCash again once this is all fix. I couldnt get a decent sleep because I need the money for my family 🙁

      1. Update: August 31, 2019, finally my issue with them is resolved. After 11 gruelling days of every day phone calls to 2882, emails to consumer affairs and NTC and numerous screenshots to show GCash I wasnt going to stop until they gave me the money I was meant to recieved. Thank goodness! Now we can move on. No more remittance transactions from GCash-Moneygram ever. Will never risk again.

  37. Need your help please. I transferred money from Gcash to my BPI account but the money has not reflected on my bank account. I’ve been using gcash in paying bills and transferring small amount of money and I haven’t experienced such problems until last night when I transferred 9475 to my bank. I didn’t receive any confirmation through email and SMS which I usually get after every transaction I make. The worse thing is I was not able to take a screenshot of the transaction on gcash since I was not expecting this to happen at all. It’s been stressing me all night. What can I do to get my money back the soonest time possible?

    1. Check for email notification of the transaction. Then, check Gcash Transaction after 24 hours, it should reflect on transaction history. Contact Gcash support through every communication channel (email,FB,twitter,and call), chances are you’ll get a faster response when you just do that. Also, you may want to contact them via help center on your Gcash app.

    2. We do have the same problem and almost same amount, what I did is I contacted them via twitter. But they might gonna ask if you do have the reciept.

      1. They informed me that the amount will be on my gcash account within 24 hours, if this will not done by tommorrow I will gonna report them as well. This is my last transaction with gcash.

    3. Hi, same thing happened to me last August 20, 2019. The transaction did not gave me any kind of confirmation nor emails. Is the issue solve now? I called them numerous times already. Emailed, and sent emails to commissioner and consumeraffairs. Please enlighten me if there’s anything else I can do to get this fix. 😭

    4. last july 30,2019 i made a bank transfer from GCash to my PNB account, amounting 11,500. i did not receive sms or email that the transaction was completed, and the money was already deducted to my gcash wallet, but did not reflect to my PNB account. So i reported this to 2882, they gave me a ticker number and asked what happened. Then advise me to wait for 3-5 working days and it will push through to my pnb account. But then, 5 days nothing happens. Since then i always call 2882 but then they always tell me that “THEY ARE WAITING FOR THE (PNB) BANK ADVICE.” Days pass by, still no progress and I have talked to plenty of agents and also some supervisor, with same answer. Annoying! Telling me to wait, monitor my account, they’re making follow up report, and that my concern is highly prioritize! BUT then NO PROGRESS. So i decided to go to my bank, they made a report and days later they called me telling me that they are only the receiving party so i must coordinate with gcash because they don’t have facility to verify the transaction. And yet GCash keep on insisting that their feedback to me will be dependent on my bank. And now it’s been 1 month and 3 days but still they won’t return my money. Meron pa kong isang agent na nakausap, ineexplain ko yung side ko pero pinatayan ako. Kasi sobrang need ko na yung money. Twice yun nangyari sakin. Di manlang nila maisip na malaking pera din yung 11k. Minsan nga naiisip ko baka di tlaga nila ginagawan ng action yung complain ko. Kasi diba halos isang buwan na? Kung talagang inaantay ng support team ng gcash yung advice ng bank ko, at kung talagang may ginagawa sila bakit hanggang ngayon na isang buwan na hindi pa nagrerespose sa kanila yung bank? Diba? Anyone here na same issue with me? Please help me out. Nag try nako mag email sa bsp and ntc pero nothing happens. Pelase help me.

      1. that’s frustrating! tag and cc all government agencies (NTC, and your BSP,) same way other GCash users advised here. Compile from Day 1 all your contact history asking for help and making you wait till forever.

      2. @dntmns, kailangan mong tiyagain ang mag follow up sa GCash at PNB. I think it is floating. Ganun din ang nangyari sa issue ko sa GCash. Naresolved na nung August 31, 2019. It took GCash exactly 11 days. Those days were the worst. I never thought it was going to happen to me. Pambayad namin yon ng rent namin sa bahay the next day. Hindi nga kami nakapag bayad on time, buti nalang mabait ang owner kaya naghintay sya. I phoned GCash every day, for follow up. Wala akong pinalampas na Emails, nagsend ako sa NTC, Consumer affairs and of course GCash. Ang dami dami kong nakagalitang mga GCash agents because I did felt really helpless hanggang ganun lang talaga ang magagawa ng mga GCash agents ng 2882. Ang mag follow up, ang mag take note ng mga sinasabi mo, hanggang dun lang. Back end support talaga ang gumagawa ng solution sa mga issue na kagaya ng sa’yo. Worst is that yong back end support nila walang work pagka holidays at weekends kaya talagang lampas-lampas sila sa TAT na 3-5days. Good luck, sana masolve na ang issue mo sa GCash. I feel you. And I understand how awful it feels to wait like forever.

  38. They are freaking annoying as if you’re talking to a robot from the email response. I’ve been trying to have my MPIN reset and they’re not doing anything bc I can’t remember my last transaction date and balance which I already explained multiple times yet I keep getting the same response over and over again. Only reason why I was trying to access this was someone mistakenly sent money to my account (which I haven’t used in a long time) so I wanted to send it back. Long story short they won’t help me at all to reset the MPIN and they already sent back the money (which is good) BUTTTTT that’s scary. So someone can just claim that they mistakenly sent money to an account and GCASH doesn’t even bother to verify it with the owner of the account.

  39. hay, nagkaissue din ako khapon, Sep. 5 around 10:23 AM. Successful cash-in ko 5K from Eastwest bank account to to gcash para i-bank transfer sa officemate with metrobank account. in the past, instant agad, pero this time, walang email or SMS. nag email ako sa support nila, inaask ako for name, number, date and time of transaction and screenshot. yun lang, di ko nascreenshot kasi never pa naman ako nagkaissue with bank transfers, first time to 🙁
    i will wait 48 hours, pag di p din nabalik sa account ko or nasend sa metrobank account ng officemate ko, i will send an email na to bsp and ntc.

  40. I Cashed IN using GCASH to my SECURITY BANK MC amounting 2.3k and 1.5k. It was dbited to my account, but is not reflecting on my GCASH. I did not receive any notifications or what. What should I do here?

    1. We have the same concern. Mine was 10k until now Im waiting for the result. I already emailed NTC BSP Gcash and SecurityBank. I also called SecurityBank and they have provided my the reference number for the transaction and dispute form via email. But as per to the rep. It will take 45 banking days for the dispute to be resolved and needs to provide proof of cancellation from gcash

    2. @Marrion: Check with Security Bank support, if transaction was successful on their end you need to message GCash support.

  41. Sept 11 9pm sunod2x po nagtex skin ung 2882 kinakaltasan po aq ng 900 mahigit kada text halos umabot lahat sa 10k thru lazada daw po. Wla po akong transaction sa lazada.

    1. Naku po, smells like na hack ang account nyo sir 😯 call po kayo right away as 2882 madaming ganun ang nangyayari. Kahit one time ka lang nakapagtransact sa Lazada or shoppee kasi humihingi ang mga yan ng MPIN. Nagchange ka dapat ng mpin mo the very first narecieve mo yong confirmation. Hindi talaga safe magleave ng malaking amount sa GCash. Anything can happen.

    2. someone else must have your card details and/or credentials compromised. I hope it’s just a system error. Call your bank and gcash. Immediately secure ALL your online accounts by changing the password and security questions.

  42. Friday the 13th is real!!!! I cash in to GCASH using BPI, nabawasan yung laman ng BPI ko pero hindi pumasok sa GCASH app ko MYGHAAADD. I already emailed BSP and NTC and cc the GCASH on it. sana maresolve agad ngayon

      1. Sakin din po. Nag cash in ako nung sabado Sept. 14 ng 2500 at wala pa rin hanggang ngayon. Nag email na ko sa gcash support nung sabado din, pati NTC at BSP until now walang resolution. Paikot ikot lang ung gcash support at wala namang makausap na CSR sa 2882. Balak ko na lang mag file ng dispute sa BPI at pagkatapos nito NEVER na akong gagamit ng Gcash.

  43. A very interesting post also the comments are very interesting as well

    I actually was researching about issues with gcash and PayPal transfers as lately some transfers failed either due to maintenance or service unavailable

    But reading on the comments here about funds being transfered from bank to gcash and not reflecting on gcash is quite interesting fact is everything is automated and generally there should be no issues.

    I’m this case it makes me wonder of somewhere in the middle this is a deliberate act to hold the funds just think about it while that money has left your account bit not reached your gcash account it is held in an account somewhere quite possibly gcash that money while floating is earning them money out of the hundreds or thousands of people this issue is happening to

    Same thing applies with bank to bank transfers that takes days to complete reality as its electronic should be instant but truth is those days waiting is banks using your funds along with other fund transfers to earn interest

    And this could be exactly what gcash is doing delaying peoples funds transfer and earning interest out of it

    Always remember banks and most financial institutions are crooks and I don’t see gcash being any differwnt

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